Green Home

Valley Renewable Energy for Home

We know today’s homeowner is savvier than ever about the importance and potential of renewable power. That’s why TVA partners with your local power company to offer multiple ways for you to get information and take action when you’re going green.

Green Switch

I want to make a monthly investment in green energy.

For homeowners and renters, the simplest way to invest in green energy initiatives is to participate in the Green Switch program. 

Learn more about Green Switch.
Dispersed Power Production.

I have an existing system and want to sell power back to TVA.

You may qualify for participation in the Dispersed Power Production program. Through DPP, TVA may allow a qualified facility producing between 50kW and 80 MW of power to sell part or all of the power it produces to TVA for TVA’s avoided costs only. 

Learn more about Dispersed Power Production.