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Advisory Council members having a converstaion

Our Public Advisory Councils

When it comes to making big decisions about managing the Valley's natural resources or resolving energy-production issues, we don't always go it alone. TVA’s Board of Directors created an opportunity for the public and private sectors to give input on the region’s pressing energy and environmental stewardship issues. Two formal councils were formed to provide outside perspective on TVA actions:

  • The Regional Energy Resource Council, founded to solicit advice from external stakeholders interested in the development and management of energy resources in the Tennessee Valley
  • The Regional Resource Stewardship Council, through which citizens of the region can participate in the important decisions TVA makes regarding the management of the Tennessee River watershed and its ecosystem

Each council comprises up to 20 members representing public and private stakeholders nominated by governors of each of the seven states in the Tennessee Valley, distributors of TVA power, TVA’s directly served customers and other regional organizations. Council members represent the region as a whole and encourage public comment. The proceedings of all meetings are public records.