Freedom of Information Act

Welcome to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) home page for the Tennessee Valley Authority. This section of TVA’s website was created in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic FOIA Amendments of 1996. Like all federal agencies, TVA is required under the FOIA to disclose records that any person requests in writing. Information that is covered by any of the nine exemptions and three exclusions contained in the statute, however, may be withheld.

One central office at TVA processes all FOIA requests. It is the requester’s responsibility to ensure that a FOIA request is sent to the proper person.

Among other things, these webpages tell you:

  • How to make a request
  • Where to send the request within TVA
  • How much a request may cost to process
  • How to administratively appeal an initial TVA denial of a FOIA request

You’ll also find the following resources:

FOIA Requester Service Center
—FOIA contacts at TVA

TVA Guide—A variety of TVA sources for quarterly and annual reports, bond offerings, energy services, reservoir levels, library services, mapping products and services, general inquiries and more

Privacy Act—Recent citations of the Privacy Act (18 CFR 1301 Subpart B) for records maintained by TVA and the TVA system of records

Reading Room—Locations of reading rooms, most frequently requested records under FOIA, Principles and Practices manual

Annual Reports—FOIA annual reports

Quarterly Reports—FOIA quarterly reports

Regulations—Current FOIA regulations, 18 CFR 1301 Subpart A (Tennessee Valley Authority Freedom of Information Act)