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Technology Innovation

Innovation is part of TVA’s mission, and it’s woven into the fabric of everything we do to improve lives in the Tennessee Valley. Learn more about some of our key areas of research and development.

Innovation was included in the original TVA Act and has been a part of TVA’s mission of service since 1933. We were created to be a leader in the generation of clean, affordable power and a conservator of our region’s precious natural resources. We work tirelessly and with many partners to find new ways to live up to our mission.

As the energy marketplace evolves, we are keeping our focus squarely on the future and what we can do to make it better and brighter for the people of the Tennessee Valley. The following are but a few of our areas of focus:

Electric Transportation

TVA is embracing electric transportation, creating smart charging stations, finding uses for depleted auto batteries and developing technologies to encourage the potential for electricity to replace petroleum as the fuel of choice for drivers.

Energy Storage

Storage technologies act as a buffer between electricity demand and supply, and are the key to unlocking the full potential of solar energy, electric transportation and other emerging technologies. TVA is working to make batteries more technologically and economically practical.

Solar Technology

Solar technology is rapidly evolving, and TVA is exploring ways to incorporate more solar energy in its own portfolio, while developing products and programs to help homeowners and businesses partner with TVA and local power companies to produce solar power together.


Microgrids are localized grids that can operate independently, thereby improving the resiliency of an isolated area. Microgrids allow for continuous operation amid grid disturbance. They can be also be useful in the integration of distributed energy resources.

Campbell Creek Homes

TVA joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory and EPRI to put energy efficiency measures to the test in three real homes: one typical house built to code, one retrofit with energy efficiency measures, one built from the ground up with energy efficiency in mind.