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Energy - Technology Innovation

Innovation & Research

Electric Car

Electric Vehicle Evolution

Electrifying transportation can spur the same innovative transformation that electrifying the Valley did when TVA was created. The economic and environmental benefits directly support our mission of service to make life better through energy, environment and economic development. Learn more about TVA’s Electric Vehicle Evolution at and visit for helpful information and tools to learn about electric vehicles and how consumers can make the switch to electric.

Storage Integration

Storage technologies act as a buffer between electricity demand and supply, and are the key to unlocking the full potential of solar energy, electric transportation and other emerging technologies. They can store energy when it's produced by renewable generation resources for later us. TVA is working to make batteries more technologically and economically practical.

Regional Grid Transformation

TVA’s Regional Grid Transformation initiative is aimed at transforming the Valley’s network of existing power grids into a flexible, resilient, and interconnected system. Regional Grid Transformation leads to an exceptional end-use customer experience, but twill requires change in the way the electric system will be planned, designed and operated. The integrated grid will drive greater time efficiencies, provide overall cost savings and deliver broader value.


Advanced Nuclear Solutions

New Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technologies are expected to be reliable, flexible and integrate well with other carbon-free sources/renewables such as solar wind and hydro for a cleaner energy future. Through increased standardization, shortened construction duration and improved quality, advanced nuclear technologies are a cost-effective option for future clean energy needs and are critical to maintaining power diversity. Advanced Nuclear Technologies include light-water Small Modular Reactors and non-light-water reactors.


Connected Communities

Connected Communities use smart technologies that provide essential services to help improve residents’ wellbeing and prosperity. To continue to make life better for the people we serve, TVA is working to accelerate the creation of the scientific and engineering foundations that will enable these smart and connected communities.

Energy System of the Future

Discover what TVA is doing to reinforce reliability, protect the environment, and keep power costs low now and into the future.