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Carbon Reduction

Carbon Report

At TVA, our commitment to reducing carbon emissions is grounded in our mission of service. That commitment is evident in everything we do, from our daily decisions to our long-term planning.

As we build the energy system of the future, we will continue to provide reliable, low-cost power; protect the environment; and bring jobs to the Tennessee Valley.

TVA has achieved a 57% reduction in mass carbon emissions since 2005 (system emissions include owned and purchased power). We are executing a plan to a 70% reduction of carbon by 2030; developing a path to an approximate 80% reduction by 2035; and we aspire to be net-zero by 2050.

*The graphic above was published in 2021 and reflects CY 2020 data. For CY 2021, mass carbon emitted was 50.3 million tons and carbon emissions intensity was 638 lbs/MWh

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How will we get there? With research, innovation, planning and partnerships.

TVA’s best and brightest minds are working on carbon reduction across TVA. Here are just a few examples of the work we describe in our Carbon Report:

  • We are studying and investing in state-of-the-art technologies as well as improvements to our current generating resources and power grid.
  • TVA is evaluating over 30 carbon levers (or actions), such as modernizing our transmission grid, which will lead us to deeper carbon reductions.
  • We are collaborating with partners to develop programs and advance technologies that will help reduce the region’s carbon footprint.

There has never been a challenge too big for TVA. We are proud to be working with our hard-working partners toward a net-zero carbon future.

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Energy Technology Innovation

Energy Technology Innovation

TVA’s brightest minds are working with partners to explore no-carbon and low-carbon dispatchable technologies that are affordable and reliable. Learn more.


Valley Innovation

Valley Innovation

TVA is partnering with local power companies, states, communities and other federal agencies to develop programs and technologies that reduce the region’s carbon footprint. Learn more.


Fleet Innovation

Fleet Innovation

We are improving our nuclear and hydroelectric facilities and adding more solar, battery storage and natural gas to our generation portfolio. Learn more.


Energy Delivery Innovation

Energy Delivery Innovation

We are reducing carbon emissions by improving our transmission grid, offering flexibility through demand response programs, and upgrading technology that moves energy across the region. Learn more.


Natural Resources Stewardship Innovation

Natural Resource Stewardship Innovation

TVA is working on natural resources management opportunities related to the lands we manage and help protect, and we are assessing ways to reduce our carbon impact. Learn more.