Diversity & Inclusion

At TVA, we are powered by people—and we are enriched by the diversity of a talented, highly skilled workforce made up of people from every sort of background. We draw strength from diversity, and cultivate an atmosphere of active inclusion.

We know you bring more than skills; you bring experiences and perspectives. We are committed to including individuals from every race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, ability/disability, sexual orientation, religion, age and personality. We know that differences make us stronger.

Each and every day we are responsible for making life better in the Valley. We do that by ensuring that all qualified candidates receive consideration for open jobs at TVA—and by ensuring all employees are encouraged, engaged and empowered to contribute 100 percent of their talents, 100 percent of the time as they continue to build on our legacy of service.

If you are involved with a diversity recruiting organization and have ideas about how we can extend our outreach, we want to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] or call us at (866) 620-8010.

Protecting What's Left

The term Native American often evokes images of the Cherokee tribe and its history throughout the Tennessee Valley. But there are more than 20 Native American tribes that once called this region home, like the Muscogee Creek Nation.

Set up for Success

Ready to work for TVA? You’re in for a treat: All new hires go through New Employee Experience, a fun “onboarding” crash course on everything TVA, from its history and culture to its mission and vision.

Modern Archeology Was Shaped by Women

TVA archeologist Michaelyn Harle was recently featured in the Tennessee Council for Professional Archeology (TCPA) blog. Her article focused on the role women have played in shaping the modern study of archeology.

TVA Wins Diversity Award

Thanks to its involvement with students at Alabama A&M University, TVA has been recognized for its efforts to support and promote diversity in the workforce.

AABE Provides Network for Minorities in Energy

The American Association of Blacks in Energy provides encouragement and support for people of color who want to make a career in the energy field.