Sustainability Report

Sustainability has been a driving force at TVA since its creation in 1933. Our mission then, and now, is to serve the people of the Tennessee Valley to make life better. To deliver on that promise, we build sustainability into everything we do—every decision we make, every project we undertake.

For TVA, it means ensuring our ability to provide the people of the Tennessee Valley with low-cost and reliable electricity, a healthy environment and a prosperous economy—without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

Our sustainability aspirations include:

  • Being best-in-class in reliability and price to power the future of the Valley
  • Setting the standard by taking smart risks to drive creative solutions for TVA and the communities we serve
  • Being the destination for difference makers – we believe the best in each other, give our best to each other and expect the best from each other
  • Standing for progress in our communities – earning the trust and advocacy of our customers and stakeholders
  • Delivering affordable rates and investing in the future

The goal of this sustainability report is to provide information that transparently and succinctly highlights the energy, environmental, economic and societal impacts of TVA’s everyday activities. As we mature our sustainability reporting program, we will work with stakeholders and communities on what sustainability objectives and metrics are most important to the Valley and how we attain those.

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DELIVER — Energy

We improve quality of life in the Valley by delivering reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean energy.
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CARE — Environment

We care for our natural and cultural resources, our employees, and the Valley.
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INVEST — Economic & Community

We invest in the Valley through quality job creation; using a competitive, diverse supplier base; and advancing innovation.
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PARTNER — Social Responsibility

We partner with communities and customers to improve quality of life in the Tennessee Valley.
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